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Book Store

Spirits Institute Puget Sound book selections are available for purchase during Craft Distillation classes, and can be reserved for you on the Contact SIPS page:

Vodka: A Global History

by Patricia Herlihy

($16.00; signed by the author)

Gin: A Global History

by Leslie Jacobs-Solmonson

($16.00; signed by the author)

Rum: A Global History

by Richard Foss

($16.00; signed by the author)

Whiskey: A Global History

by Kevin Kosar

($16.00; signed by the author)

Craft of Whiskey Distilling

by Bill Owens

($35.00; signed by the author)

Alt Whiskeys: Alternative Whiskey Recipes and Distilling Techniques for the Adventurous Craft Distiller

by Darek Bell

($30.00; signed by the author)

Calvados: The Spirit of Normandy

by Charles Neal

($60.00; signed by the author)